Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages 2019

Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Texts, Status and Cards are mediums to wish and celebrate the Birthday of someone special. A birthday is a very special day for a person because it is the day when a person appears on this earth. In other words, it is the beginning of a life to perform the role for what God created him/her for. Moreover, the date of birth is a pleasant memory of the special blessing of God in the shape of life. It is also a time comes on every year to thanks you are still alive, happy and still blessed. The birthday is a birth anniversary that is an annual day and there are several reasons why it should be celebrated. Anniversary is an event to recognizes the value and purpose to came in to being. In most cultures, the anniversary is celebrated in the same way. Birthdays are often celebrated by gifts, parties or other special acts. You can wish your beloved ones by greetings, wishes, cards, and many other ways to express your love and care toward the person. There are reasons to celebrate birthdays.

Happy Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday is important to wish and celebrate the birthday day because it is a symbol of life, to keep the heart fresh and to be reminded of the abundance, it is the time when we realize our loved ones how much God blessed us. It is a blessing because life, happiness, and relationships are assets to live a happy life. The celebrating and congratulating increase the happiness in our relations. In other words, the birthday day is actually to remember and realize others that we are with them. The day we should celebrate the happiness and also think that in the passing year, what we did, and what we lost and found. As well as a lot of pain or how much humanity did good. On the same way, as in the coming year, we pledge how we can improve our year, and it is the day of analyze and a day to pray.

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  1. Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰. You are the kindest and most special person in my history of friendship. You have blossomed into a great woman and Babe (grandparent) Mama Mia was the term your Daughter-in-law references and I can see that is certainly appropriate. My dear friend I cherish women of your character. You are the kindest and most loving and it is wonderful that your family recognized your great gifts. Love You MRP-K. 😍😍

  2. My heart is ❀️ with you today ln thoughts and prayers πŸ™. I hope to know more of your life and the kindness and love you give so charitably to your family and friends. God Bless!

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