222+ Best Disappointment Quotes 2023

Awesome Collection: 111+ Disappointment Quotes | Motivational Sayings 2023

Helpful Disappointment Quotes To Heal Your Mind: Many people go through life being disappointed with the choices. That they made in life and wish they could have had it better. When you start setting unreachable goals, you’ll most likely be disappointed. Because some goals may take longer than a lifetime to achieve. Some people are just more fortunate than others. When you compare your life with others that have it better than you. This time, you either get motivated to push harder in life or feel like your life is a disappointment. Keep in mind that there’s someone out there who has it a lot worse than you do.

Best Disappointment Quotes

Expectation and Disappointment Quotes

Disappointment Quotes Can Help Recover Your Will Power: In order to understand life better, sometimes you have to understand both side of the equation. You can’t expect to always have a good happy life. There are times you will be disappointed but as long as you learn from it, that’s all that matters.

By understanding all the mistakes. You’ve made in the past, you learn exactly what not to do and eventually succeed in what you want accomplished. Just like if you lose at something for a very long time, you’ll eventually figure out a way to win. Let’s look at some disappointment quotes and see other people’s point of view about it.

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Whenever you fail or frustrate, bow your head and continue

Brown team

Father’s frustration may be a very powerful tool

Michael Birkin

After the enthusiasm, it was disappointing and even frustrated, and then restored enthusiasm

Murray Gell-Mann

Hope – face the frustration of today.

Evan Essar

Without deep love, there will be no deep disappointment.

Martin Luther King

Depression puts pressure on self-esteem.

Mike Hauerton

Disappointment unrelated to shame, loss or success; because it provides many images for the mind and provides many images for the language.

Samuel Johnson
Expectation and Disappointment Quotes

Toddlers who don’t learn gradually about disappointment lose their resilience through lack of practice in give-and-take with other people’s needs. They can become self-centered, demanding, and difficult to like or to be with.

Alicia F. Lieberman

Men’s best successes come after their disappointments.

Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom.

Bayle Roche

If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.

Henry David Thoreau

Best Disappointment Status For Whatsapp

We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.

Jim Rohn

The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.

Robert Kiyosaki

People look at you and me to see what they are supposed to be. And, if we don’t disappoint them, maybe, just maybe, they won’t disappoint us.

Walt Disney

Man must be disappointed with the lesser things of life before he can comprehend the full value of the greater.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Listed above are just a few quotes about disappointment. The aim isn’t for you to be disappointed. The disappointment quotes can either be used to learn from a past mistake, to move on in life or as a reminder that you’re not the only one going through problems. If you’re not satisfied with the disappointed quotes you see here, feel free to leave your favorite quote in the comment section below and we’ll be happy to add it on our site as soon as possible.

Disappointment is A Terrible Feeling

I slammed the door … into my dream …
And the key from the bridge … I threw it into the water …
I was tired of believing … in the void …
And nowhere to go … without knowing the ford …
All thoughts … I put in a chest …
Marked with sad … “why not will be … “I
closed it tightly … on a hook …
I decided to live … in reality … like people …
Let the heart cry … and the soul screams …
I won’t call you … and I won’t beg …
Love will die … and the heart will shut up …
There is no hope … and I will stop waiting … …
Someday … in silent silence …
You will remember me … looking at the stars …

If suddenly you became bad for someone, then a lot of good was done for this person !!!

the worst thing is when you want to cry – but there is nothing,
you want to say – but there is nothing,
So, you want to leave – but nowhere,
you can stay – but there is no need

I love people, and by naivety, I speak openly with them. And I wait for open reciprocity, and then I bitterly smoke …

Sometimes people come back to you, realizing that it is better for them not to find you … But you don’t feel joy, pleasure, pity, or love … NOTHING …

Expectations Hurts Sayings

Here you get acquainted with a person, you begin to communicate with him, there are common interests.

At some point, you begin to consider him more than just acquaintances, and you begin to consider him your friend. He is not well near him, he wants to share his joy, you rejoice with him. Sincerely rejoice with him. After all, you are friends!

But at some point you understand that only YOU think so. He appears only when he needs to share his news with you. He will only ask you in passing, how are you? You think – maybe the person really has no time, you justify him. But then you understand.

For him you are not a friend, but an ambulance. Such friendship is found, as it turned out, not only in reality, but also in virtual life. And this is not friendship at all.

Friendship is not love, friendship cannot be unrequited. Friendship can only be mutual. I sincerely wish everyone only real friends !!!

The most painful thing to lose is not love, but the dreams that were associated with it …

A woman does not get tired of work and worries, but of the cruel indifference and misunderstanding of those whom she loves.

Hold on son
Everything will be fine. Hold on, son!
There is still light at the end of the tunnel.
In the fate of any everything has a deadline –
Toska, sadness, laughter and fun.

Let the first love turn away,
And the best friend unexpectedly set up,
But still the world is not so harsh,
And life is beautiful! A fight without rules

Thoroughly Disappointment Sentence

Pretend that I have not met you, I can only bury my head and continue to walk because you can’t see my loss.

Disappointment Sentence

The journey of life is destined to be lonely, because it can not let go and refused to stay.

When you learn to give up, you can bear all the disappointments and lies. I can do anything, can you still take me?

As long as people don’t lose their direction, they won’t lose themselves! What is important in life is not the position of the station, but the direction in which it is headed.

If you always think that you have lost the best, then your best will be lost.

I have no courage to continue, and love ends here. So, I can’t relieve it, but I can’t help it.

When, I count your smile every day, but when you laugh, you are lonely. They said that your smile is beautiful and falling.

You said to me, you are happy with me, just like your salt water on me, are you happy? Then please continue.

Take your hand, no matter where it is, I feel like I am running towards heaven.

Feelings are always underestimated or overestimated. Sometimes I am very disappointed. Sometimes I pretend that I don’t know these disappointments and eventually forget these disappointments.

Walking on someone’s head –
Not for you. Working with your elbows, you will
come to a standstill, believe my words.
Follow life on a straight track.

Let it be dreary, let it be dark around,
And it seems to you that the world is destroyed.
And there is no love, and a friend turned his back …
Once turned away – so why is it needed?

Do not hang your nose, do not lose heart, dear.
All that is gone is false, alien.
To whom you are dear, they are always with you,
And they cheer for you with your soul.

Yes, living life is not a field to go over.
It has both failures and bad weather.
But God will give strength to bear everything,
And the sun from behind the clouds will illuminate happiness.

One day you will wake up from the fact that I dreamed. And you smile. For the first time for real. With a sweet stretch, you will turn your head and you will freeze: it’s not me near

Tell the person that you disappointed in him and … he will immediately prove that it is not in vain.

“The most painful thing is a stab in the back … when you cannot see
your eyes … and you cannot understand … FOR WHAT ?!

Disappointment Quotes in Relationships

Without disappointment you cannot taste the victory. Gone in 60 Seconds

I do not like loneliness. I just do not make any extra acquaintances – so as not to be disappointed in people once again.

I so eagerly dream of the future, and when it comes, I feel one disappointment.

I love to disappoint people, and I try to do it as often as possible. Only in this way can I make them continue to be interested in my person.

I did not expect anything good, but I’m still disappointed. It could be worse

Perhaps it’s even better to be loved than to love yourself. There was no charm – there would be no disappointment. Oleg Roy. Game without rules

Save your time – immediately be disappointed in people.

The one who is fascinated, not charmed, is always to blame for disappointment, so do not scold the glass that seemed to you to be a diamond.

In order not to be very disappointed, do not be very fascinated. Satisfaction, Time leads us to disappointment in everything that is not virtue, not reason, and not truth. Pierre Bouast

To avoid disappointment, one must reduce expectations. University
The fool chases pleasures and finds disappointment; the sage only avoids grief. Arthur Schopenhauer

It takes forever to gain trust, just a moment is enough to disappoint …

Yes, parents, they are. They’ll fuck you at once … Chuck Palahniuk. Snuff

I want a heart of stone so as not to feel any resentment, or pain, or disappointment.

Reality is a disappointment. Andrian Decursel

Physically, I felt very weak and broken, but my spiritual depression was much worse – the depression that made me cry quietly all the time. Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre

Friendship is a healing balm for wounds from disappointments in love. Jane Austen. Northanger Abbey

It’s hard to put up with the thought that the face you loved turned out to be just a mask … Stephen King.

If you expect the worst from a person, then he can no longer bring you any disappointments. Anthony Burgess. Clockwork Orange

Only a collapsed dream still struggled, delaying time, clinging to something that could no longer be held. Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby

If you wait with all your might, but do not wait on time – then everything is done anyway. Haruki Murakami. Sheep hunting

Those people who were closest in our eyes can sometimes fall so low. Song: Reims – Lost

There are people who are constantly waiting for disappointment. Alfred Adler

No matter how many people get disappointed, they will still surprise you.

The irony is the last stage of disappointment. Anatole France

What are you telling me about someone again? You understand? I! I counted on myself and let myself down. What else are men talking about?

Cactus is a cucumber deeply disappointed in life. Evgeny Petrosyan

Disappointed in people you love is more than painful.

Those who expect nothing will never be disappointed. Here is a good rule of life. Then everything that comes later will seem like a pleasant surprise to you.

Disappointment in illusions is called disappointment in life. Alexander Kruglov

Better to experience disappointment than not to experience joy. Jacques brostine

Disappointment is a strange feeling. Not painful, not sorry, but simply empty

The love of the sea does not pass over the years. I will always think about it, and it will always make me happy, it is love without disappointment

Disappointment is the first portion of knowledge. Ivan Fedorovich

People deceive our expectations, especially if these people are from thirteen to eighteen years old. Jodie Pickolt Fragile soul

Disappointment is sometimes a useful medicine, and in his solitude, like Titian in his beloved twilight, we better and more deeply understand the colors of objects than in blinding sunlight. John Ruskin

People are so arranged, at one point you need to forgive people who were dear to you and leave. Emptiness

Disappointment is both the loss of illusions, mistaken for values, and the loss of values ??that begin to look like illusions. Alexander Kruglov

His dreams were dispelled, the air castle collapsed, and he fell under its debris. Arthur Conan Doyle. Three Garrideb

Disappointed in one, do not punish the other. All the people are different. Do not lose the ability to believe and love.

I don’t need someone who doesn’t need me … Asi

Why, instead of the happiness that was beckoning me, did I get some difficulties and discord? Frederick Begbeder. Love lives three years

Sea – it is better than any medicine to wash away melancholy and disappointment. Tatyana Stepanova. Invisibility Mirror

Nobody likes to be alone. I’m just not forcing anyone to communicate with me. There are only disappointments from this. Haruki Murakami. Norwegian forest

We may experience the last disappointment, but we will never lose infinite hope. Martin Luther King

Never try to sort things out with people who disappoint you. Just silently leave them alone with all their shit.

Hope is often delayed disappointment. Walter B. Baldry

No matter what awaits me in the future, it will disappoint me anyway. Chuck Palahniuk.

Do not count on much – you will not be disappointed. Haruki Murakami. Wonderland without brakes and the End of the World

Do not refuse immediately, let disappointment drop by drop. Balthasar Gracian I Morales

Hatred subsides over time, resentment disappears, anger fades, and disappointment forever alienates people from each other. Teacher for the change

Our world is a world of disappointments, and often disappointments in those hopes that we cherish the most, and in the hopes that make a great honor to our nature. Charles Dickens.

Immoderate expectations always end in disappointment. Julius Medvedev

We swear because we are bored and disappointed. A quarrel is at least some kind of entertainment. Paul Vincent. Me and my hormones

Nothing helps from frustration better than work. Arthur Golden. Memoirs of a Geisha

Men do not live up to our expectations, and only desserts bring true immediate pleasure without subsequent disappointment. Bernard Verber. Cassandra’s Mirror

Experience is the sum total of our disappointments. Paul Oge

My plush world turned out to be woven from synthetics. Maria Sveshnikova. Beamine

Isn’t it funny when dreams come true, but it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to? Think like a criminal

Dreams are lost. Reality is mocked. Theodore Dreiser. Sister Kerry

Disappointment is a property of the weak. Do not trust the disappointed – it is almost always powerless. Gustave Flaubert

People only succeed in one thing in perfection – to disappoint each other. Hubert Selby

Disappointment will only be the beginning if you remain silent. Gossip

People are disappointing. I know. I even expect this. But what if one day I realize that I myself am disappointing others .. One tree hill

Disappointment appears as the general principle of love and hate. Gilles Deleuze Fun and gloom

All their lives, people only do that they lose the hopes and aspirations inherent in them at twenty. Maurice Druon

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