Happy Monday Wishes, Funny Messages & Monday Quotes 2023

Happy Monday Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, and Text Messages provide you with an excellent way to wish the people you own in your daily life. Monday is the beginning of the work week. In many countries, on Monday, adults go to work, and children go to school and kindergarten after the weekend.

Happy Monday Wishes, Funny Messages & Monday Quotes

Congratulation # 01

Hello friends! I am Monday.
Everyone says: Hard day.
Like, I’m a hangover and a loafer,
And therefore, laziness to work.
But there is no truth in this,
After all, I started the beginning of all,
And among the days, undoubtedly, the main one,
I rule the ball all week.
I give you a start to new victories,
adding vitality and strength, so
that the work is successful, exemplary,
All brought joy only! Happy Monday Wishes.

Congratulation # 02

Happy Monday I congratulate all my friends!
Let him be kind, cool, Evil there will be no news!
So, let there be no whipping, stress, Do not fill up a bunch of cases!
Let him go without excesses, lest everyone get tired!
May he delight in communication, so that it becomes more fun!
Let it charge you five days above the roof! Happy Monday Wishes

Congratulation # 03

Who said Monday is the most difficult of all days?
He’s probably a loafer, But bore without ideas.. Happy Monday Wishes

We are not too lazy to get up early, After all, work is life!
And send to hell, We are the blues and pessimism!

Happy Workaholic Monday, Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts! Let it be without tension, Let the people laugh all day!

Who said Monday is the most important day in the world?
Of course, I’m not a loafer, But in the morning I get up too lazy!
I congratulate you today. Monday, friends,
albeit a difficult Monday. No way without it! Happy Monday Wishes

Happy Monday Greetings and Blessings

Monday is a hard day, People say so!
The weekend was over, of
course, everyone is happy with them!
The week has begun – that means
everyone should go to work!
So again we are in motion,
Shout to him – Hurray! Have a blessed happy Monday Wishes

Happy Monday Greetings and Blessings

Monday is a hard day,
But there is only one moment –
At work, we are unhappy. We will
rest from the weekend.

Let the boss load less,
Let the partner not yell.
This day, albeit a burden,
But moving forward.

Let’s get into work before Wednesday, And then let the days fly,
So that as soon as possible Saturday
we will be surrounded by aroma!

Happy Monday Congratulations on the first day of the week, It’s the most difficult one actually. Time seems to drag on for years,
If Monday comes. I wish it was easier, And your watch ran faster.
And you beloved ones, relatives, On this day, so as to support together.

Monday is a hard day, Everybody knows this.
After the weekend festivities, To work again suddenly.
I wish you now, so, that your day is easy.
Well, there already until Saturday, To pull not far.

I want to congratulate on Monday,
He is the first day of the week of work.
Let this day work be on the shoulder,
And may there be more than enough strength for everything.
And every time you take, For a new task with tenderness.
I wish you to fulfill it, With a huge, not fake inspiration.

Congratulations, Happy Monday Wishes to you.
The long week will begin again.
Again endless fuss, And work again for the “idea.”
And so that you do not feel sad, I sincerely wish you.
Be that week at height, I hug you heartily!

Happy Monday Wishes Poems

Monday is not a loafer;
Monday is the first day of
Our work week.
Chasing away all laziness.
Monday is the start,
on which
all our finishing excitement depends ,
so it’s best not to be a friend.
And shake yourself from the weekend And do useful business
Without any rub – grass, Selflessly and skillfully.

Happy Monday Wishes Poems

Monday. February is running out.
So spring will come soon.
So the frosts will soon leave. The
primroses will be presented by the earth.
Monday, he’s a nasty bastard.
After such a long weekend …
I love you, damn old!
I love to wake you up in the morning …
Monday is the beginning of the week.
And … (thirtieth) is our winter.
And I’m next to you, messing around
And kissing your eyes.
You sniff. You sleep, but you feel, Hey, so-so-so-so. February is running out… I still have a hunch, that for me you’re still crazy

With stubble, with a hangover,
And with bags under the eyes
As if we were not sleeping at night.
And just walked:
We celebrated Friday,
And then back to work.

Monday is not a loafer,
But a real hard worker!
He is a great needleman,
workers and employees.
Monday he is good!
Because he is a worker!
Because labor,
And filled with kindness!

Monday has come – well, there’s nothing to do,
Get ready for work, how
can you do without it, I understand you, this is not fun,
But it’s waiting for you – your favorite!

Thinking of it, hurry to the little girl,
But she will give you money again.
The day off will come again – you forget all the cares,
Until Monday again, you are protected from business!

Monday is a hard day.
And this so-double …
And it happened right word …
In Aprelevka fault …
was done on the weekend …

At work certainly come …
On April Fool’s Day came across …
humor we all boldly
To myself a little shake
Slowly, right, left,
to the wood not break up.
Everyone knows that on Monday it’s a
sin to work hard.

On Monday, you need to SURVIVE
AND keep your health …
Well, here’s a present for you …
It’s not a lot, not a little …
The third HOP is a day off …

Monday is a wonderful day!
To a new life, I will be resurrected: I’ll
go on a diet (How much is said about it!).

I will do exercises
And a run. For order.
Overslept! Well, what is it?
Okay, I’ll start from another!

Monday, Monday –
Are you our mutual friend with the “service”
Or the sidekick only in idleness?
Who will tell? The response is needed!

I think that nevertheless
you will help us work!
Along the dark path,
And through the puddles too

Hurry to the “service”,
Haste to the construction site …
You can go to school again –
Get there the top three!

Better – only fives,
Well, fours are possible!
Monday!!! Christmas trees
But you need to learn …

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