How to Lose Weight Safely and Naturally: Your Complete Plan

When there is very little time left until spring, many women have the thought: “But shouldn’t I lose weight a couple of kilograms?”. In such a situation, express diets come to the rescue. Of course, losing 10 kg in a few days is unrealistic, however, even if you manage to get rid of a couple of the extra ones, you will feel and look better.

Emergency weight loss

How does the express diet work?

The peculiarity of this diet is low-calorie content, usually due to a decrease in carbohydrates. If our healthy diet has about 2000 kcal, then on an express diet it can be only 1000-1300. It is better to “sit” on such a diet for no more than 14 days, and then smoothly return to your usual diet. This will not allow the lost kilograms to return back and save the body from stress.

Emergency weight loss: Risks and considerations for losing weight fast

Among the possible disadvantages that you may encounter are irritability due to hunger, decreased concentration, memory, and mood due to lack of carbohydrates. Therefore, losing weight on an express diet is not recommended for longer than 14 days, so as not to earn metabolic disorders and health problems. In addition, such a diet is contraindicated in any acute or chronic diseases, during pregnancy and lactation. If you have any health concerns, talk to your doctor before trying to lose weight.

Popular diets for fast weight loss

Different nutrition schemes differ in duration, the number of restrictions, and allowed products. Depending on how much weight you want to lose and how quickly, choose one of these diets.

Dukan diet: minus 2-3 kg per week

Developed by French dietitian Pierre Dukan, this weight loss plan is good because it has few restrictions. Daily need:

  • Drink 2 liters of pure water;
  • Eat 1.5 tbsp. spoons of bran (in its pure form, or add to kefir, or bake bran bread);
  • Walk for at least 20 minutes;
  • Have dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime;
  • There are 4 times for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.

From drinks – pure water, tea, coffee, compote, fruit drink, natural juice diluted with water. Of course, all without sugar.

In 1 day we eat only proteins 4 times. You can cook an omelet from egg whites with skim milk, chicken cutlets, low-fat kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, and seafood.

On day 2, add vegetables to the proteins (except potatoes). We introduce vegetable stews, fresh salads, and herbs.

On day 3 we eat proteins, vegetables, and fruits (except sweet ones): grapefruit, apples, apricots, and currants. You can take fresh or frozen and add to cheesecakes, cottage cheese casserole.

On day 4, whole grain bread (no more than 45 g) is added to the menu of the previous days. You can cook sandwiches with slightly salted salmon and herbs.

On day 5, the menu becomes even more diverse. To proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole grain bread, add 40 g of low-fat cheese. It can be eaten for breakfast or an afternoon snack with toast and/or tea.

On day 6, we introduce foods containing starch into the diet of the previous days. These are rice noodles, dietary pilaf, legumes, etc.

Day 7 is special. On this day, Dr. Dukan allows himself to thank himself for the efforts of the entire previous week and arranges a holiday. In one of the four meals, you can eat absolutely any food that you like. The remaining three contain allowed foods from the previous 6 days.

Popular diets for fast weight loss

Japanese: minus 6-8 kg in 2 weeks

Why “Japanese” is not exactly known. There are no favorite rolls in this diet, but there are a lot of proteins and a minimum of fats and carbohydrates. Its duration is 14 days, and it is quite complicated, so it is better to prepare in advance and not eat sweets, and fatty, fried foods in a week.

There is no clear plan for 2 weeks, there are only allowed foods and drinks:

  • Seafood;
  • Chicken;
  • Eggs;
  • Beef;
  • Dairy products;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fats are obtained from olive oil;
  • Carbohydrates – from biscuit cookies;
  • Drinks – tea, coffee without sugar, and pure water.

All this is consumed in small portions for 3 meals daily. There are no snacks in the Japanese diet.

  • Breakfast: tea or coffee with 1-2 biscuits.
  • Lunch: vegetables (fresh, stewed, or steamed) and proteins (boiled meat, chicken, eggs, fish).
  • Dinner: low-fat kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, fish, eggs, meat, or chicken. You can add a couple of slices of unsweetened fruit.

Atkins diet: minus 6-8 kg in 2 weeks

Another carbohydrate-free food system is also called the “diet without hunger.” Another name is Hollywood, because. She was approached by many Hollywood stars.

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The Atkins diet involves eating a lot of protein with a minimum of carbohydrates, and you still can’t eat a lot of fat in this food system. The duration of the first stage is 14 days. This is followed by fixing and maintaining the result so that those extra pounds do not return by the summer vacation.

Prohibited foods are the sugar in any form, sweet berries and fruits, legumes, cereals, and all grains.

Allowed to use:

  1. Any meat and poultry. Product number 1 – chicken fillet. In addition to chicken, you can cook absolutely any meat (unlike many other diets where the choice is limited) – pork, lamb, beef, rabbit, duck, turkey, etc.
  2. Eggs – what do you like: chicken, quail, duck, ostrich?
  3. Seafood and fish – mussels, shrimps, rapini, carp, mullet, mackerel, and any redfish.
  4. Dairy products and milk – any, not skimmed.
  5. Nuts, seeds, and oils from them – whatever you like: sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc.
  6. Among vegetables – only leafy (for example, lettuce, cabbage), cucumbers, zucchini, and celery. Nothing else.
  7. Fruits – grapefruit and sour apples.

The menu for the day consists of 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. The daily norm for carbohydrates is 20 g, everything else is proteins, fats, and fiber. We leave carbohydrates for breakfast, everything else can be eaten throughout the day.

After two weeks of nutrition according to the Atkins system, we move on to the fixing mode: we introduce a little more carbohydrates (from 20 to 150 g per day). We increase their number by 10 g each subsequent week due to the introduction of cereals, fruits, and legumes.

Cottage cheese diet: minus 2-5 kg ​​per week

This protein diet implies the absence of starvation due to the high content of proteins in the diet, which gives a feeling of satiety.

Main rules:

  • Drink enough water daily to keep your body hydrated. In a curd diet, this is especially important, because the calcium salts in the curd can have a diuretic effect;
  • it is forbidden to drink alcohol, foods with added sugar and a lot of salt, as well as fatty and fried foods;
  • fat-free cottage cheese is not suitable for a diet, since it has few nutrients. It is better to take a product with a fat content of 2 to 5%.

How to choose your diet

From 1 to 3 days, 500 g of cottage cheese and 2 cups of kefir are consumed daily.

From day 4 to day 7, the diet is expanded with 2 boiled eggs, 200 g of fish, and 2 green apples.

For drinks every day you need to drink water, if desired, you can add rosehip tea or green tea.

Diet on bread, oatmeal, and milk: minus 3 kg per week

Here, the lack of nutrients is compensated by milk, which contains proteins, healthy fats, many vitamins, and trace elements. It also brings a feeling of fullness and helps build muscle mass. As for bread, then, of course, you need to choose not a lush white loaf, but whole grain, bran, or wholemeal flour. It is permissible to use dietary bread. Oatmeal should not be taken quickly and cooked over a fire, without sweeteners and oil. It can be consumed once a day at any meal, preferably for breakfast.

Daily diet: 500 ml of milk, oatmeal in water without additives, tea without sugar, 200 g of black bread.

At the same time, you need to drink milk at that meal when you do not eat oatmeal. Otherwise, you can arrange products at your discretion. For example, in the morning you eat oatmeal and a piece of black bread. In the afternoon – tea with bread. Dinner is bread and milk.

How to choose your diet

When choosing your option express diet, you should focus on personal taste preferences. Try a few of the tastiest ones, and choose the ones that are the easiest.

Your chosen diet is right for you if:

  • The feeling of hunger is controlled, appears from time to time, and you can cope with it;
  • You feel normal, there is no weakness or irritability.

With it, you can start the process of losing weight, and then move on to another, long-term one, which will help maintain the result. After all, “diet” in Greek means “way of life”, and this is the only way to achieve stable weight loss.

Express diet is a fast and effective method of losing weight. How much you lose depends on your metabolism and the amount of excess weight. The larger it is, the easier the first kilograms are given.

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