How to play coolbet online casino?

The situation similar to hockey is noticeable in basketball betting, where priority is also given to the overseas league. The margin in the NBA does not exceed two percent. In the Euroleague, it sometimes exceeds 4%, which, by the way, is even higher than in the VTB United League.

If you suddenly want to bet on something that is considered exotic, the casino online coolbet will deduct an order of magnitude more from your bet.


For betting on the ATP Challenger or ITF competitions, Coolbet charges a margin of about 5%. Of course, more prestigious and popular competitions (Grand Slam, Davis Cup and others) may have a lower commission. However, not at the qualifying stages.

Mixed martial arts

Few bookmakers can boast of good odds on MMA. Coolbet, alas, is no exception. Even the title fights of the “numbered” UFC tournaments have a margin above 6%. Well, the bookmaker charges more than 7% for bets on ordinary Fight Night fights. The situation is no better outside the UFC. For example, ACA Coolbet calculates at least 7.5% for betting on promotion matches.


Here the situation is exactly the same, regardless of what discipline you bet on. Dota 2, Counter Strike, League of Legends, StarCraft and much more are all completely different games, but the margin in them is the same – just over 6%. This is an absolutely average indicator for the market. Far from the best, but it can’t be called bad either. The status of the tournament, apparently, also has little effect on anything.

The choice of bets and the list of available events is one of Coolbet’s strengths. There may not be a lot of sports, but the bookmaker takes the number of tournaments and matches. In this regard, the line has been worked out well. Moreover, we are talking not only about football, hockey and basketball: even disciplines such as table tennis, American football and snooker can boast of a large number of events. Of course, it all depends on what part of the season is now, but this does not detract from the bookmaker’s merits at all.

Take, for example, bets on mixed martial arts. Here they are divided into two categories: UFC with dozens of upcoming fights and just “Single Combats”, where a dozen other promotions are collected.

By the way, bets on pop MMA are also present in it. There are not all leagues, but the expected fights are always available. The painting is also quite wide. Of course, the main focus is on the most popular sports. As on other sites, the list of available bets is updated closer to the beginning of the selected event. If we talk about specific figures, there can be up to 1,500 bets in the matches of leading football tournaments. In the NHL and KHL duels – 1000 1100 bets, the NBA – from 500 to 600.

Live bets on the bookmaker’s website

On the website there is also, and everything is done at a pretty good level. A big disadvantage is the lack of live broadcasts. But this is quite expected from a bookmaker that has been launched recently.

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