10 Unusual Types Of Sex That You Have Not Tried

It is clear that no matter what sex you have with your loved one, it will in any case be a thrill for both of you. But to further ignite the passion between you, it is worth trying something unusual. For example, fast kick-sex, which is often found in films, or sensual karezza as pleasant, long foreplay. Well, or just make love in the open on a warm summer night. There are tons of options, but we will talk about ten of the most interesting.

Types Of Sex

Why do you need variety in sex?

At the beginning of a relationship, you don’t think about it. This is normal because you are completely absorbed in each other. You enjoy new sensations, explore and learn to understand your body language. During this period, every sexual intercourse will be long-awaited and passionate. But over time, it becomes habitual and can turn into a routine. To prevent this from happening, you need to diversify your intimate life, for example, try unusual types of sex. It’s not about perversions or something unacceptable. On the contrary, you need to find something pleasant and piquant for yourself: new poses, role-playing games, massage, in a word, everything that will allow you to enjoy each other with renewed vigor.

Guide to unusual types of sex

Choose which of these you would like to try in bed.

Start the morning with Karezza

Think it’s an Italian coffee brand? Not really. In fact, karezza is a long caress without penetration and orgasm. The point is that the partners achieve maximum mutual understanding in feelings, like such an “intimate meditation”. Remember the scene in 40 Days and 40 Nights where Josh Hartnett caresses a girl with an orchid branch? You can try something along these lines. In general, do not limit your imagination and do whatever you want: whisper in your ear, smile, look into your eyes, touch your skin with your fingertips, etc. Both of you will feel euphoric as if you just had sex that didn’t really happen.

Start the morning with Karezza

Spontaneous, fast, quiet

Thinking of kiki, the video of Robbie Williams comes to mind, where he shares a passionate kiss with Daryl Hannah in the back seat of a car. Actually, the meaning of this is to spontaneously have sex in any location: in a car, an elevator, on the beach, or in a cinema on the last row. The main thing is not to draw attention to yourself, otherwise, a romantic adventure may end on a bench in the department.


Not that it was anything out of the ordinary. But if you’ve never had sex in soft grass, on the warm sand, or under a tall, shady tree, you’re missing out. A fresh breeze on the body and a feeling of complete freedom is very intoxicating and exciting!

Water element

Sex in the bathroom is considered very popular. Water allows you to relax well and increases sensitivity to caresses. But you need to be careful not to slip and not get hurt. To do this, use non-slip mats and a holder on the wall, which will help you to take more comfortable postures.

On sports

Making love during fitness is a great way not only to diversify your intimate life but also to actively burn calories. Imagine that even with a passionate kiss, at least 120 kcal is spent, and up to 100 kcal is burned during an orgasm! Add to this an interesting pose, for example, a standing fold or a bridge, and you will get a double portion of pleasure and benefit.

Spiritual practices

We haven’t heard about tantric sex for a long time. It was somehow unfairly pushed into the box, and this practice is very useful for developing and maintaining healthy, strong relationships. Tantra teaches us to comprehend the true pleasure of the body, to fully feel the caresses, and get great pleasure from it. Its principle is similar to karezza: it also has a slow, long foreplay with gentle kisses and touches, and in the finale, a bright, deep orgasm awaits both of you.

Sex and food

It’s the best combo ever, isn’t it? This process is called sploshing, where a couple eats and makes love at the same time. Only pasta with meat is better left for a regular dinner. Choose your favorite wine, and make light snacks and dessert, in a word, let it be food that excites the appetite, and does not fill the stomach. Add scented candles to the atmosphere and make your bed so you don’t get tangled in blankets in the process. Put yummy treats on your sweetest spots and invite your soul mate to enjoy them. From this intimate pleasure will be even stronger.

Sex and food

All on the surface

In sex between girls, you can come up with many interesting ways that will give variety. But pubis sex is considered to be one of the most enjoyable options. This is at first light, and then intense rubbing against each other’s pubes without penetration of a vibrator or dildo. Since all the most pleasant happens on the surface, it is easy to achieve a clitoral orgasm.


Not new, but great for those who are far apart. This can take place over the phone, via video call, or by correspondence. In fact, more than 30 percent of the users on the net engage in cybersex. There is nothing to be ashamed of, this is a great way to give yourself and your loved one pleasure even at a distance.

Erotic games

Many, especially men, are aroused by various parts of the female body, such as hair, ears, or feet. Let him immediately before sex caress with his fingers, penis those places that excite him the most. This will give you and him a pleasant feeling and will be a great preface to rough sex.

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In addition to the practices that you learned about above, there are other options that help diversify your intimate life. Read themed books together, listen to podcasts and watch videos, and then discuss and practice everything. Hug and kiss more often to warm up feelings. Be sure to exercise to develop your body and reduce stress levels. Both of you should try Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. And don’t be afraid to experiment with positions, locations, sex toys, or new ways of being stimulated.


1. Is it okay to engage in multiple types of sex?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to engage in multiple types of sex as long as all parties involved have given their informed and enthusiastic consent.

2. What are some safe sex practices that individuals should follow?

Safe sex practices include using condoms or other forms of protection to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

3. Is masturbation considered a form of sex?

Yes, masturbation is considered a form of sex and is a safe and healthy way to explore one’s sexuality.

4. Is group sex safe?

Group sex can be safe as long as all parties involved have given their informed and enthusiastic consent and practice safe sex.

5. What is the legal status of prostitution?

The legal status of prostitution varies depending on the country or region. In some places, prostitution is legal and regulated, while in others, it is illegal and punishable by law. Some countries have laws that criminalize both the buying and selling of sex, while others only criminalize the buyers or sellers. It is important to note that prostitution can have serious health and safety risks, and it is always important to practice safe sex and seek support if necessary.

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