10 Signs A Man Wants You

You’ve seen a hundred times how it happens in the movies: he tries to get as close as possible, touches her, says tenderness, etc. Is this how everything happens in life? Partly. Then how to understand that a man wants you? There are several signs by which you will understand that this moment has come.

I want you to want me

I want you to want me

This a very appropriate phrase from Keaton Hanson’s composition. Sexual desire appears in a fit of passion, it does not arise from scratch. This is especially pronounced when the feelings are mutual and when you are simply attracted to each other. If a guy wants you, then you will understand it subconsciously and feel it physically. He will show his desire in any way: in correspondence, in the language of glances, and gestures, or he will say it directly, which is also the norm.

Some couples immediately go to sex without foreplay. There isn’t much to talk about here. It is normal when partners are ready for the rapid development of relationships. Making love after a short acquaintance or a first date has long ceased to be something unacceptable. Society has almost forgotten about “sex after marriage” and other conservative things. This does not mean that people have ceased to be romantic. Everyone has the right to choose exactly what he wants, without playing by the rules of others.

But for some, romance is still important. Long glances, fleeting touches, embarrassed smiles – all this also has a place in a nascent relationship and no small amount. Rather not so: flirting and hints are more common than the ability to get straight to the point. So let’s talk about signs. You met a nice guy, you met a couple of times, but it didn’t come to sex yet. How do you know if he wants you or not?

10 Signs He Wants You

There are a lot of non-obvious signs, such as how he holds his hands, how he puts his feet, etc. We will not go into such trifles, because you will not guess on a camomile: he wants – he does not want. Better about the essential.

He called you to him

Signs He Wants You

A clear sign. Although it is possible that the guy just wants to show you how many killstreaks he gives out for one ice rink in WarZone. This also happens. In other cases, such a proposal may be unobtrusive or persistent, depending on its nature. If you are ready, then the decision is yours. If you are not sure, then say it directly, do not come up with excuses. Do not think that you can offend him with your refusal. Because the guy who wants a relationship with you will understand everything correctly and will not insist. Remember mutual respect.


Physical contact speaks volumes. It’s an invasion of privacy, and many people can’t stand it. If he decided to touch your fingers, or casually hug you, then he wants intimacy.


When kissing, you focus on your feelings. It is rare when he kisses to amuse his pride, but this should not be ruled out. For what? A person sees that you like him, he likes such attention. He kind of graciously lets you do it. This is disgusting and unworthy of a normal man. But when the kiss is gentle and sensual, you feel his response, then it is sincere. So, the first stage is passed and he is ready to move on to something more.

More than a flirt

At first, he may just joke and flirt with you. But there comes a point when things get serious. Until a guy talks about everything directly, he has to restrain himself so as not to offend or push away the girl he likes. His voice changes, intonations, and words that he utters in your address. You will see this change.

He looks at your body

It happens in different ways: a man can do it delicately or devour it with his eyes. This is a normal reaction on his part, physiology, nothing can be done.

He writes to you often

In a personal account, you can discuss your favorite films all day long, share funny content, and get busy. But late at night, the context of the messages changes. He says he can’t sleep because he thinks about you all the time. Everything is clear here.

He hunts you on social media

Likes under each of your photos, especially brave ones write comments (but not any banality, if you meet such a person, run). Pretty cool if he shares your interests and shares your creativity/opinion on his pages. So, the guy doesn’t just want you but appreciates you as a person.

He always wants to be around

Even when he is uncomfortable, he is ready to drop everything and meet you. Maybe it’s because he’s afraid of missing out on an opportunity. But if he cares about you, then the guy will try to see you as often as possible.

Emphasis on appearance

A guy can show off his body by casually taking off his T-shirt or changing into short shorts to impress you. Remember that scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love where Ryan Gosling takes off his shirt in front of Emma Stone and she almost faints? This is roughly how it works.

 a Man Wants You Emphasis on appearance

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He can just tell you at a convenient moment that he wants you. It’s simple and clear. Perhaps honesty is the best option.


Falling in love naturally leads to sex, no matter how it hints. But ideally, when you are confident in a person and his feelings for you. So that after that no one was hurt or offended. Openness and mutual understanding lead to healthy relationships. If you are a suspicious and sensitive person, then just be careful. Because one night together is not worth a broken heart and long experiences.

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