careddi introduces its premium CBD oil to the world

careddi introduces its premium CBD oil to the world
Thanks to its ambitious expansion plans in Augusta, Maine, HempAmericana Inc. is poised to join the top ranks of the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. Still, the emerging market leader hasn’t stopped growing there.

CBD is one of 85 compounds found in the cannabis plant, and CBD’s rise in the market is attributed to its several – and growing – medical benefits.

A Forbes article cites a Marijuana Business Journal forecast that the CBD industry will climb to $2.1 billion in sales by 2020, a 700 percent increase over 2016 figures. Meanwhile, escalating CBD sales complement the global demand for cannabis. Of the $2.1 billion in projected consumer sales for CBD two years from now, about $450 million will come from cannabis.

The cannabis plant, which is primarily used for industrial purposes, outperforms other species due to its rich CBD content. As a result, hemp is the most sought-after raw material for obtaining CBD. Forbes also reports that in 2015 alone, sales of cannabis-derived CBD products reached $90 million, further cementing consumer demand for the crop and substance.

With the focus on CBD, the market has seen an influx of new players who are aiming to reach the top. However, among the emerging players, a company called HempAmericana, Inc. ( OTCMKTS:HMPQ ) has recently stood out as it has been attracting the attention of investors.

Growing Interest in HempAmericana
As HempAmericana becomes more aggressive in its well-publicized expansion campaign, the company is in the spotlight of the investing public.

Last year, the company was featured on the cover of CannaInvestor magazine, a leading cannabis business publication. The company was the highlight of the magazine’s September 8, 2017 edition, which featured the company in a 24-page profile.HempAmericana CEO Salvador Rosillo was also interviewed on a CannaInvestor webcast, where he shared the progressive steps the company has been taking.

Uptick Newswire recently spoke with Rosillo to discuss the company’s successful entry into the CBD oil extraction and production industry.

HempAmericana is known for its hemp hearts, hemp fiber, Rolling Thunders hemp paper and pure hemp CBD oil. The company’s hemp fiber is available in powder form and is all-natural and gluten-free, making it a preferred source of nutrition and fiber.

Meanwhile, HempAmericana’s Hemp Hearts are shelled hemp seeds that help treat a variety of ailments. It is also an ideal supplement for regulating blood sugar, losing weight, and keeping blood pressure stable. All this while serving as a source of energy.

As for its rolling papers, Rolling Thunder is 100% organic and healthy. Due to its incredibly smooth properties, the rolled paper burns slower, giving people more time to enjoy the smoke.

Finally, there’s HempAmericana’s organic Hemp CBD oil. It helps suppress appetite and muscle spasms, lower blood sugar to manageable levels, reduce pain and anxiety, and relieve seizures. This oil is safe for both adults and children and can be easily incorporated into their food and drinks.

Thanks to the convenience of using CBD oil, consumers can get the dose they need whenever and wherever they need it. In fact, the product is quickly becoming a popular item in the global marketplace.

To address the growing demand for CBD oil, HempAmericana takes the quality checks performed on the final CBD oil product very seriously when it is manufactured. In this way, the company can ensure that its oil is the purest and most potent while being free of any contaminants, as claimed in its product labels.

HempAmericana has also taken it up a notch in the CBD oil production business. The company has been expanding the capacity of its U.S. operations while working to penetrate overseas markets.

Targeting CBD markets internationally
HempAmericana revealed last week that it has begun “actively exploring” potential distribution partnerships in the international arena.

This strategic move is an early reaction to the fact that commodity exports have been on the rise recently, with Canadian industrial hemp exports up 300 percent last year. This growth has been driven by growing demand from Europe, Australia and South America.

As a result of increased demand, HempAmericana brought its products to Germany.
HempAmericana brings its products to Germany due to increased demand. (Source)

As a result, the company is looking to offer premium cannabis products that are not available in several countries outside of North America, such as Germany, which is struggling to maintain supply to meet its domestic demand. For at least the next decade, Germany, touted as the EU’s largest economy, is expected to rely on imports to fill the local cannabis gap.

“Domestic demand growth is booming, but export potential is also growing,” Rosillo said, noting that HempAmericana is firmly established as a “major player” when it comes to providing quality cannabis products both domestically and internationally.

“That’s one of the reasons we’ve increased our high-yield production activity so quickly at the beginning of the year.”

The move to expand its network beyond its home state intersects with HempAmericana’s upcoming plans for a major expansion.

Gradual expansion
HempAmericana is currently putting the finishing touches on its newly expanded high-yield processing and extraction facility in Augusta, Maine. The upgraded plant is expected to be operational late in the second quarter, as most of the major capital machinery has arrived.

But the company’s well-funded expansion plans won’t easily allow the company to meet its opening goals in a few months.

With an eye on becoming the industry leader in providing the most potent and high-quality CBD oil, HempAmericana plans to engage in heterogeneous pollination agriculture of cannabis to develop CBD-rich plants. The company has applied to become a licensed grower of this commodity in Maine. It is also close to acquiring a property where genetically superior, CBD-rich hemp stocks are fit to thrive.

Working closely with large farmers, HempAmericana has purchased a dedicated seed inventory. The total seeds purchased are estimated to yield approximately 10,000 cannabis plants that will be grown at its highly efficient seed development farm, where hetero-pollination operations will take place.

On the processing side, the company has installed a Vitalis R-200 supercritical CO2 CBD oil extractor at its Augusta facility, labeled “the largest extractor they have ever built. The machine was manufactured by Canada-based Vitalis, a leader in the manufacture of extraction systems for a number of industries, including the oil and gas industry. The machine now gives the company a total extraction capacity of 210 liters at its sites.

The Vitalis R-200 is used in conjunction with the Gilson CPC 1000 Centrifugal Distribution Chromatograph Separator System and PLC 2500 HPLC+UV detector. The end result of these interconnected, next-generation systems is a large volume of CBD oil concentrate with 99% purity.

Each acquisition the company made created a vertical integration that allowed the extraction of CBD (a place to buy Supercritical CO2 Extraction machine), its processing and value-added operations to be centralized in one center, thereby reducing logistics costs as well as other operating expenses.

Surprisingly, the company has maintained a stable financial position despite funding for the development of processing facilities; next generation systems; and efficient cultivation facilities.

The company has not received a residual increase in debt, nor has the dilution risk put the company in a well-capitalized position for additional expansion.

In fact, once the facility comes online, HempAmericana expects to begin initial planning for several other regional CBD oil extraction and processing facilities.

“Tremendous growth is underway, and we are now finally able to position ourselves as the market leader in purity, potency and production,” Rosillo was quoted as saying.

As in a recent interview, the CEO may have hinted that the company plans to build a larger extraction facility in Kentucky. The company also revealed at least two ongoing acquisitions to generate more revenue in the next few months. These acquisitions are expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year.

With these further expansion plans, the company is expected to become one of the most successful CBD oil producers in the country – not only in terms of production, but also in bringing the most efficient and highest quality CBD oil to the local and global markets.

The successes HempAmericana has achieved and is striving to achieve make it a very promising and noteworthy company in the industry. This sustainable company is out to shake up not only the CBD market, but the entire cannabis industry.

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