Top 10 Erotic Massage Techniques for Men

You can excite a man in different ways, but erotic massage is the most effective way. This works especially well when he is tired: an intimate massage both relaxes and excites, allowing you to quickly tune in to sex. There are various techniques that are easy to repeat at home. But first, it is better to create a romantic atmosphere and prepare some auxiliary things. We will talk about all this in detail later.

Preparations before the massage

Preparations before the massage

Every loving woman should master the techniques of erotic massage. The fact is that these simple, gentle movements are truly heavenly pleasures for a man. After such a massage (or maybe even in the process ), he will be ready for any sexual accomplishments! And to set the right mood for your loved one, the following steps will help:

  • Adjust the lighting so that it is subdued and does not irritate the eyes. Use scented candles that create diffused light and a pleasant, unobtrusive scent.
  • Remove extra blankets, and pillows from the bed, cover it with a clean, pleasant body sheet, and it is better to put a towel under your head.
  • Get a special oil. It does not cause inflammation and allergic reactions when applied to intimate places, so it is ideal for such a massage. Please note that these products are not to be used with condoms.
  • Choose relaxing music, such as the one you meditate to.
  • Wear nice, but comfortable underwear that will not interfere with free movement.
  • The sensations of an erotic massage will be more pleasant without long nails, so just leave a hygienic manicure for this time.
  • Complete the romantic atmosphere with playful accessories – feathers, a silk scarf for the eyes, and ice cubes.

Erotic massage techniques

Kneading from toes to heels

With warm hands, start moving from the palms, moving to the arms, shoulders, and chest. Stroke the skin with your fingers and touch the man with your body, maintaining contact and increasing arousal. Remember that you are not in a massage parlor, so don’t push too hard. The movements should be smooth, but not completely ticklish. Pay special attention to the feet, because they are very sensitive. The area from toes to heels is well warmed up with a brush for dry massage. Find a point under the metacarpal bone, which perfectly stimulates an erection, and massage it.

Erotic Massage Techniques

With attention to the back

Kneading and stroking the skin, go down from the neck to the lower back. At the bottom, make circular movements from side to side. Such actions stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic organs and, thereby, increase potency. But don’t focus on your back and move on.

Slap on the buttocks

Buttocks are suitable for a more intense massage with the addition of light pats and pinching, which increase sexual arousal. Run your hands over your thighs down and up to the buttocks themselves, touching the perineum a little, but without getting carried away!

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Breast touches and more

Rub your palms on your chest and stomach. Men also like kissing, and tongue-touching navel, and nipples. At the same time, do not pay attention to the genitals (everything in its time!)

Become an affectionate cat

Using oil, give your loved one a massage with your own body. Smoothly move along his body, rubbing and bending in the lower back, like a cat.

Erotic Massage Techniques for Men

In the process, do not give your best, otherwise, you risk getting tired. Do a massage with pleasure and feel that unbridled attraction to each other, which will certainly end in passionate sex. Experiment, and try your techniques because it diversifies intimate life


1. What are some common mistakes to avoid during an erotic massage?

Some common mistakes to avoid include using too much pressure, neglecting to communicate with your partner, and focusing too much on achieving orgasm rather than on relaxation and pleasure.

2. What if my partner is uncomfortable with the idea of erotic massage?

It is important to respect your partner’s boundaries and preferences. If they are uncomfortable with the idea of erotic massage, it may be helpful to discuss why and explore other ways to enhance intimacy in your relationship.

3. Are there any risks associated with erotic massage?

As with any sexual activity, there are some risks associated with erotic massage, including the potential transmission of sexually transmitted infections. It is important to practice safe sex practices, such as using condoms and lubrication, to reduce the risk of infection.

4. How do I know if my partner is enjoying the massage?

Communication is key during an erotic massage. It is important to check in with your partner frequently to ensure that they are comfortable and enjoying the experience.

5. Can erotic massage be used as a way to improve intimacy in a relationship?

Yes, erotic massage can be a highly effective way to enhance intimacy and build trust and connection in a relationship. It provides an opportunity for partners to explore their desires and preferences in a safe and consensual way.

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