Happy Weekend Quotes, Funny Sayings, Wishes {2023}

Happy Weekend Quotes, Funny Weekend Quotes and Sayings 2023. You will find always freshly updated latest trending quotes, wishes and text messages. The word weekend is not just derived from the word exit. The thing is that earlier it was called non-working days on which workers were allowed to leave the working yard.

Happy funny weekend quotes

Times, of course, have changed, but the status at the weekend, in principle, has remained the same. Therefore, quotes about the weekend correspond to our attitude to Saturday and Sunday. These are funny and ironic, wise and cynical statements at the same time.

Weekend Statuses, Sayings about waiting for the weekend

I do not like the weekend. Just tune in to sit near the fireplace with a cup of coffee in a rocking chair … And then it suddenly turns out that you have neither a fireplace, nor coffee, nor a rocking chair.

Ah, how sometimes you want a glass of wine and a day off!

What am I going to do on the weekend? I have not been on the couch for a long time, a lot of things have accumulated there …

How many temptations of life, and only a little weekend.

So, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, pass-pass, do not delay Saturday and Sunday.

Dear weekend, I solemnly swear that the days from Monday to Friday inclusive mean nothing to me. I want to be only with you!

How sweet the word “Friday” sounds, is almost as sweet as “weekend.”

Just set up for work – and suddenly again the weekend, again the rest … And always so!

Ahead of the weekend – watch out for your own pocket!

As you start on Friday, you will spend the weekend.

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Ready For The Weekend Quotes

After five working days, everyone was wondering how to spend a two-day vacation to relax. The weather or lack of a clear plan for Saturday and Sunday will not relax you, but that will not prevent you from relaxing and gaining strength. We recommend that you get some relaxation ideas from your weekend announcements and quotes. Best weekend expression, Cynical quote on vacation.

Ready For The Weekend Quotes

Remember: the decision you made after two nights on Saturday was not the right decision!

Only the money can end earlier than the weekend.

The day of rest turned out to be the right time for a vacation on a happy weekend.

Weekend … clean … which bowl should you hit to chase him.

After 12 p.m. on weekends, I will temporarily have two or three friends.

How can I explain to my child that it is late evening at 8 p.m. on Saturday?

We are the hardest workers in the world! After hard work, only we can rest with a shovel in the countryside on weekends!

Do you still have a day to wash, cook, wash, clean and a sweet day is considered a day of rest?

Few people write on social media on Saturdays and Sundays … It is clear that people are busy doing business instead of sitting at the desk.

The list of deadly sins somewhat resembles the list I had planned for the weekend.

Had A Great Weekend Quotes

Are you still wondering how to spend a pleasant weekend? Understand the problem. Excellent relaxation to enjoy outdoor leisure activities. If you have a car, you can go to another city and if the funds allow, you can fly to another country.

Had A Great Weekend Quotes

You can also participate in sports or spend time with friends. Well, of course, you can take the time to read. Gather insightful ideas from books so you can shine in the smart and cool quotes surrounded by your friends in the future. In any case, changing the scenery is the best vacation.

The weekend is two days and there is no need to go to work.

The reason she likes weekends is that she can wake up for a long time, take a long bath, and drink coffee for a long time. On weekends, it is possible to extend the little joys that lack time in your daily life.

The day of rest turned out to be the right time for a vacation.

Katie letters

The better the time you spend at the weekend, the faster it will pass. Why can’t you stop him…

Do you remember a weekend? These are two inappropriate days at the end of the weekend.

Anna Gavalda

Traditionally, Friday begins with a light meal on Thursday and ends on Monday.

Sergey Minaev

The difference between working days and weekends is the possibility of not considering anything.

Gennady Malkin

After a few days of rest, if there is no need to work, the fatigue will stop.

Pierre Dirk

I work all week, but I don’t do anything on weekends.


To start a new life from Monday, you have to live on Sunday.

Boris Crutil

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