The Ultimate Face Fitness and Face Building Routine Exercises

If body workouts have long become the norm for many, then few people think about the need to worry about the condition of the muscles of the face. But in vain!

They directly affect your appearance. Regular face fitness classes help to worry less about wrinkles, creases, and swelling of the face. So let’s talk more about this direction of training right now!

Face Fitness

What is the difference between face fitness and face building?

Face fitness, also known as face fitness, is a special gymnastics for the muscles of the neck and face, aimed at restoring their harmonious state due to the balance of toning and relaxation. Often visual problems appear due to the fact that some muscles are shortened, as they are in hypertonicity (a state when tense during rest), while others, on the contrary, are too relaxed. The result, as they say, is literally “on the face”: wrinkles, streaks, creases, puffiness. Problems are exacerbated by age and bad facial habits.

There is also a related concept of the Facebook building. Sometimes it is considered a separate technique, as one of the areas of face fitness. The Facebook building is based on the recommendations of Carol Maggio and aims to pump up the muscles of the face, increase their volume, and thereby visually tighten the oval of the face.

The system of face fitness exercises is aimed at restoring the balance of muscle toning/relaxation, restoring elasticity to the skin of the face. In the process of training, blood circulation is activated, recovery processes are established and excess fluid is removed.

If you regularly engage in gymnastics for the face, then the problems of wrinkles, impending eyelids, and breeches will bother you much later, and with good heredity, they will generally bypass.

Benefits of Face Fitness and Face Building

  • No special equipment is needed;
  • You can train for free;
  • It takes only 15 minutes to train;
  • Stimulates lymph flow and blood circulation;
  • Helps to visually reduce nasolabial folds;
  • Relaxes between the eyebrows and makes wrinkles on the forehead;
  • Works on the eye area: crow’s feet, drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes;
  • With regular exercise – a visible result.

The benefits of facial gymnastics have been appreciated, it’s time to move on to training. Because no matter how much you read about face fitness, until you systematically and regularly start doing exercises, the result will not appear.

Preparing for a face workout

Since face fitness stimulates metabolic processes, before starting a workout, you need to properly prepare your skin:

Preparing for a face workout

  • Be sure to wash your hands.
  • Wash off your makeup.
  • Use a tonic.
  • Keep your hair away from your face, and make a ponytail or a bun.

Then sit comfortably by the mirror so that you can see and feel which area you are working on, and do a light massage to warm up your blood circulation. And after doing the workout, make a face mask.

The Best Face Workout Exercises

During training, make sure that the posture is even, the shoulder blades are together, the shoulders are lowered, and the neck is extended. We offer to start with several sets of exercises from Daniela Collins.

Face Fitness Exercises for Mid Eyebrow

The appearance of creases and folds in the area between the eyebrows is often provoked by active facial expressions and the habit of often frowning. The muscles that provide the movement of the eyebrows are overstressed, and contract, as a result of which the skin is also stretched and a wrinkle is formed. So the task of facial fitness is to relax the muscles and return them to a state of balance.

Exercise 1.

The task in this exercise for beginners is to relax the muscles in the eyebrow area:

  • Place three fingers (index, middle, ring) on ​​the forehead above the eyebrows so as to prevent muscle movement when you try to frown.
  • In this position, try to bring yourself together.
  • The range of motion should not be full, do not apply too much effort.
  • Make sure you don’t wrinkle your forehead or squint your eyes.
  • Repeat 15 times drawing the eyebrows together while pressing on the muscles to feel how they relax.
Face Fitness Exercises for Mid Eyebrow
Exercise 2.

It needs to use the gravity that occurs under the weight of the head:

  • Bend your index fingers into a hook, placing them with the phalanges down on the inside of the eyebrows.
  • Press on the area between the eyebrows so that you can feel the bone.
  • Relax your neck and tilt your head down a little, resting it on your fingers.
  • Smooth the area above the eyebrows in the direction from the center to the outer edge of the eyebrow, slightly pulling the skin up.

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Exercise 3

This exercise will also be useful for wrinkles on the forehead. It is focused on warming up and relaxing muscles, the hypertonicity of which often leads to the formation of folds, creases, and wrinkles.

  • Pinch the skin with your thumb and forefinger and gather it into a horizontal fold.
  • Pull the fold forward to warm up the fabric. Make sure there is no up or down movement.
  • Then slightly tilt your head down, and with your fingertips, intercept the skin and gently, without sudden movements, pull it in the direction of hair growth.

Face Fitness Exercises for Eyes

As in other facial gymnastics training blocks, to achieve a noticeable result for the eye area, it is necessary to act in a complex manner. Separately, it is impossible to purposefully reduce crow’s feet, get rid of bags under the eyes, or an impending eyelid.

So even posture and the absence of contraction of the neck muscles is the first step to visually enlarging the eyes. And then you need to relieve tension from the circular muscle of the eye, tone the upper eyelid and relax the muscles of the forehead and eyebrows so that they do not slide down and do not put pressure on the eyelids.

The purpose of the exercises is to restore balance to the muscles around the eye so that they do not shrink and do not pull the skin along with them.

Face Fitness Exercises for Eyes

Exercise 1.

This complex of gymnastics for the face is useful to do if you want to get rid of bags under the eyes:

  • Put the pads of your thumbs under your eyes (as in the video) and with light pressure (but be careful not to pull the skin) draw lines in the direction of the temples.
  • Hold your fingers in the outer corner of the eye and pull them diagonally with pulsating movements.
  • Place three fingers on the area under the hollows of the eyes and lightly press with pulsating movements on the muscles.
  • Use your index fingers to lightly pat the eye area in a circle.
  • From the inner corner of the eye along the lower part of the cavity of the eye, draw a line with your index fingers in the direction of the temples. Avoid overstretching the skin.
  • Press alternately on these points: the outer corner of the eye, the inner, above the center of the eyebrow, under the eye, and at the nostrils.
Exercise 2.

With your middle finger, press on the inner corner of the eye, with your index finger on the outer:

  • Look up, as if looking at your eyebrows.
  • Slightly close your eyes, feeling a slight trembling of the upper eyelid.
  • Relax your eyes and then repeat the exercise.
Exercise 3

This eye exercise focuses on relaxing the orbicular muscle of the eye:

  • Place your palms on your eyebrows.
  • Make a slight movement with your palms up, but do not pull hard.
  • At the same time, focus on a point in front.
  • Do three reps with a short break.

Face Fitness Exercises for Chin and neck area

Have you ever thought that the habit of constantly looking down at the smartphone (in the position you are reading the article now) is one of the reasons that provoke the appearance of a second chin and cheeks? So, if you want to have a beautiful oval face, first of all, start looking at the smartphone directly. In addition, do not forget to monitor your posture and avoid situations in which the muscles of the front of the neck are constantly in a contracted state. For without these simple actions, fitness classes for the face will be much less effective.

Exercise 1.

Make a V with your index and middle fingers and follow these simple steps:

  • Swipe from the center of the chin to the edge of the jaw in the direction of the left ear, slightly pulling the skin.
  • Repeat the same in the direction of the right ear.
Exercise 2.

Raise your head so that your chin is pointing up. With the upper phalanges of your fingers, lightly pat the jaw from below. The first move from the center to the left, then through the center to the right.

Exercise 3

Similar to the previous exercise, pat the underside of your jaw with the back of your hand.

Exercise 4

When performing this exercise to correct the oval of the face and eliminate the jowls, be sure to straighten your shoulders and straighten your posture:

  • Tilt your head back slightly so that the tip of your nose points up. Feel the stretch in the front of your neck.
  • Spread your lips into a smile and reach with the tip of your tongue to the point above the upper lip.
  • Place your thumbs under the chin, and the index finger along the nasolabial fold.
  • Combine the previous three steps: the nose stretches up, the tip of the tongue is above the upper lip, and the fingers gently pull the nasolabial fold.
  • Hold this position for 15 seconds.
  • Then take a short break and repeat.
Exercise 5

Turn your head to the side and from this position again stretch the tip of your tongue to a point above the lip. Hold the position for 20 seconds. And repeat in the opposite direction.

Exercise 6

From the center of the chin to the ears, pinch the oval of the face with your fingertips, as if pinching dumplings.

Facial fitness mistakes: what not to do

It would seem that face fitness training is quite simple. But some mistakes can significantly reduce or even negate all results, especially for beginners.

Here’s a little checklist for you:

  • Posture. Make sure your back is straight, don’t slouch. Reach up with the crown.
  • Shoulders and neck should be free. Do not pull your shoulders up to your ears, so you pinch your neck.
  • The mirror should be conveniently located. You should look at him directly so that you do not have to reach down or to the side.
  • Avoid excess stress. The eyes, jaw, and forehead should be relaxed.

Face fitness is just one part of a comprehensive approach to full-body training. After all, our muscles are closely interconnected, and the study of only individual sections gives significantly worse results than when you work on the entire chain, from the heels to the crown. And the second important secret is regularity. Make facial gymnastics your daily habit, and problems such as wrinkles, drooping eyelids, hats, puffiness, and crow’s feet are much less and will bother you later.

It’s also a good habit to like the article if the tips in it turned out to be useful to you!

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