Five Top Gifts for Architecture Students

Someone you love is heading to college to study architecture – hooray! This is a huge achievement with architecture a highly competitive course to be offered a place on. If you want to give them a gift to celebrate this milestone, these five ideas are a wonderful place to start.

Five Top Gifts for Architecture Students

A Drafting Board

Hopefully, their designs will hit the mark the first time but if they ever do need to go back to the drawing board, make sure they know they’re being cheered on by remembering it was gifted to them by someone who believed they would achieve. A drafting board is ideal for all architecture students and even with developments in modern technology, the skills needed to draw by hand are beneficial for all architecture students. With a large surface area, it is ideal for being able to display larger-scale designs and an excellent quality board will last. A great gift for any designer.

A Computer

There’s no denying that a quality computer is vital for anyone wanting to succeed in the field of architecture. Lenovo desktops for architects are an ideal choice, offering them everything needed to get ahead and suitable for all budgets. Add software specific to architecture and design and it will be the ultimate in useful gifts to help hone their skills.

Miniaturist Building Sets

For a fun, hands-on gift for the future architect in your life, why not choose a miniaturist set? Lego offers a fantastic range of kits based on iconic buildings such as The Empire State Building and Buckingham Palace, which will inspire and entertain as well as provide quirky décor for any architecture students dorm. 3D puzzle sets are another option and offer a range of famous buildings that can be pieced together in cardboard or plastic, depending on the manufacturer.

A Laser Distance Measure

The ideal tool for any architect is a laser distance measure that can tell a room’s dimensions. By shooting a laser beam that senses the distance between solid surfaces, this is not only a fun gift but perfectly practical for anyone in the engineering or architectural design field. Far quicker than a tape measure and guaranteed to make life easier!

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A Massage

Architecture is known for being a demanding course and combining the arts and mathematics to an intense degree. When you consider architects also work long hours and spend much of their working life at either a computer or a drawing board, it’s not surprising aches and pains are a common side effect. Treat your loved one to a massage session to relieve back and shoulder tension or a spa day to really allow them to relax. Gift vouchers that can be used when needed are a great option (and likely to be used after stressful exam periods).

Whatever gifts you give your loved ones to celebrate their achievements, be sure to also tell them how proud you are. Gifting them the confidence to build a new career (pun intended!) is the best present you could ever give.

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